Cindy + Emily Photography || Jacob and Emily Engagements in Springdale, AR || Northwest Arkansas Weddings

OKAY YOU GUYS! We are in love with this session with Jacob and Emily!! We have never met a more smiley, lovely couple as these two!! They showed up with their adorably fluffy dog, Moose and it was such a riot! We were cracking up at how well he sat still with that sign around his neck. We love it when our clients bring their big teddy bears for us to play with!!

These two came prepared with 3 different outfits and they were all perfect, especially with the diversity that lake Springdale offers! They were also so fun and adventurous and open to all of our ideas, including walking across a slippery bridge in bare feet! We had some good laughs and boots full of water afterward, and it was WORTH it!!

Emily has the most contagious smile and Jacob was so genuine and loving towards her, it was so sweet to witness. We can’t wait to see them in action on their wedding day! We always get a little emotional at our clients’ weddings because we get to know them in such a unique way leading up to the big day, and it makes us so happy to see them all dolled up and living the dream! Emily + Jacob, we love you guys so much already and are so excited for you!! Thanks for brightening our lives and being YOU. March 30th, HERE WE COME!

Here are some of our favorites (be ready to explode with happiness):

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Torre + Sean || Engagement Session in Gravette, AR || Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographers

Torre and Sean booked their wedding with us last September, so we’ve been so excited to meet and get to know them! They drove all the way from Garden City, Kansas for their engagement session and it was completely worth it! We started in Downtown Gravette and then moved our way over to a private ranch to get some amazing shots! Torre’s second outfit was stunning!! She hopped out of the truck in this gorgeous red dress!! We found these really cool, tall evergreens; everything was so quiet and peaceful. They lined the dirt path back to an open field with hay bales on both sides. Torre and Sean were so chill and were up for exploring with us to find some great locations, even though it was FREEZING outside! We just loved how natural and comfortable they were with each other, it made photographing them very easy!

When we spoke with Torre on the phone 4 months ago, we immediately felt a friendship with her! She told us all about how her and Sean met and their adorable children and family! Spending time with these two, we just know they are good and happy people! The way Sean looked at Torre was perfect. They are getting married at the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial chapel in Bella Vista and WE ARE SO EXCITED! We can’t wait for their wedding day to see them in pure bliss!!

Here are some of our favorites from their session (which were HARD to pick because we love ALL of them):