The Pattens at Lake Atalanta || Northwest Arkansas Photographers

Oh the Pattens. HOW WE LOVE THEM! Fun fact: Cindy took their fresh 48 photos when Audrey was born! And here we are taking their family photos now with not just one, but TWO little additions to their family! This is our favorite thing about what we do. We get to watch the people we love grow. We get to see the first moment when they become parents, seeing that overwhelming excitement and love. We get to see them a year later at their baby’s one year photos, smashing cake into their face. We get to see them announcing their next baby and snuggling that new addition a few months later! It is such a happy blessing to witness that!

It was so fun seeing Audrey running around, pointing at the ducks and fish in the water, and TALKING! The last time we saw her, taking her baby brothers newborn pictures, she was saying a few words, and here we are a few months later and she had SO much to say! Her little voice was so sweet and we loved following her along the lake.

These are some of our favorite sessions when we can get some great candid moments! A lot of parents show up to their session so nervous and stressed that their kids aren’t going to sit still or that they aren’t going to cooperate and we are here to tell you: those are the best kinds of kids!! We love watching your kids laugh and play. We love watching them run and giggle. We even love watching them scream and try to break away when we attempt a posed photo. WE LOVE ALL OF IT. We love seeing you being you. These are the things you are going to want to remember. And we feel so honored that WE get to capture that for you!

We had a blast spending time with the Patten family again! We look forward to more memories with them!

Here are some of our FAVES from their session at Lake Atalanta:

Brody's Senior Session at The Berry Farm || Northwest Arkansas Photographers

Oh you guys. What can we say about Brody? He is probably the COOLEST guy ever. We had so much fun photographing his senior pictures earlier this fall. He was such a trooper, putting up with all of us girls who were trying to make him laugh and were totally making fools of ourselves in the process!

We went to the Berry Farm which is located in Centerton, AR. This place was SO beautiful and we felt like their country farm vibe was perfect for Brody. Brody is a team roper, which is such a crazy cool talent to have! We were just “oo-ing” and “ahh-ing” while he was doing his thing, we almost forgot we were supposed to be photographing it all! We were also able to capture some cleaner looks next to the large white barn! We loved the mixture of rustic and modern at this unique place!

Brody’s outfits were our favorite! We loved his cowboy hats and cowboy boots! We’re so excited to see the things Brody does! He’s so tough and sweet and has SO much potential! Congratulations on graduating soon, Brody!! We love you oh so very much!!

Here are a few of our favorites from his session:

Remington Sanders Senior Session || Northwest Arkansas Photographers

I first met Remington almost two years ago at the Crossfit gym I go to! I was BLOWN away by how polite and sweet she was, and how easy she was to talk to! I had NO idea she was only 15 years old because of the way she acted and how respectful she was! When I asked her what her name was, I died. I’m sure I totally freaked her out because I was obsessed with her name!! I had just had a miscarriage, so babies were on my mind. I instantly wanted to name my next baby, if it was a girl, Remington. (Although I ended up getting pregnant with Grayson shortly after haha!) I’m still determined to have a girl next and name her Remington.

When Remington asked me to take her senior pictures I was SO EXCITED!! Her mom, Tonya, and I were texting and talking all about ideas and locations for her shoot! It made me so happy seeing how excited her mom was! It made me want to have that kind of love and excitement for my own kids.

The shoot was a blast! Remington shared her concerns with how she felt like she was awkward in front of the camera, but HOLY COW she was a natural!! We ended up getting SO many beautiful natural, candid shots of her! My favorites are the ones of her laughing, mostly because I know behind the scenes her mom was shouting all of these fun poses and ideas, totally cracking us up!!

Speaking of Tonya, this lady is the best mom ever! Seriously. When I grow up I want to be Tonya. Hands down. She had brought props, outfits, and even offered to have me stand on her back to get a good shot haha! She carried Remington on her back out of the creek since she didn’t have shoes on, and if that isn’t a perfect example of motherhood, I don’t know what is! The love Tonya has for Remington shows through her actions and the way she looks, laughs, and smiles with her daughter. It was an absolute treat spending time with them!

Remington it is an absolute honor to know you and be your “old mom” friend! I love seeing you every day at the gym, and I can’t wait to see the amazing things you will do!

Here are some of my favorites from her senior session: