Emily + Davids Engagement Session at Lake Atalanta || Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographers

Everyone say “Hi” to the cutest couple EVER! We had such a fun time with Emily + David at their engagement session! We went to Lake Atalanta near Downtown Rogers. We were a little nervous before the session because it was SO hot outside! It was 95 degrees and super humid but these two had the best attitude and we really did have such a great time! We even made them walk a LOT and Emily was such a champ walking the hills in her heels! It was so cute because David always made sure she was okay and offered to carry her so she didn’t have to walk so much!

We absolutely love that about these two. You can tell they love each other so much because of the way they serve one another! We also loved how they just loved to giggle and tease, they were so playful and really brought out the best in one another!

Emily is absolutely STUNNING inside and out! This girl has the sweetest personality and we were obsessing over her gorgeous hair and style! The girl can totally rock bright red lipstick and we went on and on to her how jealous we were of her ability to pull off so many things! We loved how they wanted to implement the lipstick into some of the photos so Emily gave David a big kiss on the cheek with some fresh lipstick on and we were dying over the cuteness! (See below!!)

We are SO excited for Emily + Davids wedding coming up this October at The Barn at the Springs!!

Here are some of our faves from their session: