Autumn + Wilson's Wedding Day at Hazel Valley Ranch Fayetteville, AR || Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographers

We had the best time with Autumn and Wilson and all of their family and friends on this crazy whirlwind of a day! We had never experienced a wedding like this. A wedding where everything that seemed could go wrong, went wrong. The second we showed up to Hazel Valley Ranch, it started to pour.

We knew right away that this was going to be an interesting day, but we had it in our minds that we were still going to help make this wedding day one for the books! We walked in to nine bridesmaids (YES NINE!) putting together flower arrangements, getting their hair done, and the moms and dads running to and from the ceremony location with umbrellas and decorations in their hands. Autumn had the biggest smile on her face, and it didn’t leave for the rest of the day.

We could hear a guitar playing on the other side of the building and walked over to see the groomsmen (yes, NINE more) singing and laughing together. Phew! It was going to be a good day! We got our cameras out and were ready to get things rolling when suddenly the power goes out. We hear someone else yell something about a tornado warning and that the water (aka TOILETS) aren’t working. Wilson was just about to take a shower and start getting ready and the next thing we hear is that he’s going to just take a shower outside in the rain!! Many more things happened throughout the day, for example, the caterers getting in a car accident, there was no electricity so that meant no music or microphones for the ceremony, oh and many guests had to stop for cover for the tornado warning so there was question as to who would show up.

This is what we were hearing as we were taking pictures throughout the day. We just kept hustling. But let us tell you. We didn’t hear one complaint. We didn’t see anyone panic, we saw smiles ALL day long. One of our favorite moments from the day was taking Autumn and Wilson up to the roof for their first look. They each had an umbrella in hand and it was thundering and lightning around us, but the PEACE we felt up there. It was magical. Another favorite moment was just before the ceremony, we walked back to check on Autumn and the bridal party and found Autumn surrounded by her bridesmaids in prayer. Her sweetest maid of honor gave one of the most genuine + beautiful prayers we have ever heard. Another moment we loved was seeing people coming in to the ceremony, soaking wet, but happy as can be! Every seat was filled and there were even guests standing in the back! Everyone showed up for these two, despite the circumstances. The music was PERFECT. Autumns brother sang and played the guitar for the entire ceremony. It all brought us to tears! We absolutely loved the speeches during the reception. Autumns dad gave such a loving, powerful speech that just drew everyone in! We loved watching everyone dancing and eating the snacks that they had leftover since there was no food from the caterers. The best part was how the rain stopped just in the perfect time for us to get some photos of just Autumn + Wilson before the reception! It all came together beautifully.

It is VERY obvious how absolutely loved these two are! We left that night in complete awe. We left feeling inspired to view life in a better light and to see the good in all things! We saw so much support and happiness despite all of the bumps in the road! Wilson and Autumn, you two are one of a kind and we love and admire you both so much!! Thank you for being such light to all of those around you! We wish you two the absolute best in ALL that you do!

The Team:

Florals: Shirley’s Flowers

Wedding Cake: Earth and Honey Cakes

Hair + Make-up: Mackenzie Ballou from Freshair Salon

Catering: Simply Divine Catering

Wedding Dress: Davids Bridal

Grooms Suit: Walker Brothers