Golden Hour Springtime Bridals at The Barn at the Springs || Emily Mae May || Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographers

We are SO happy that we can finally share these images from Emily’s bridal session!! We love doing bridals, it’s probably one of our favorite sessions, but HATE that we have to wait to share these gems until after the wedding, haha! It’s totally worth the wait because I mean, LOOK AT THESE!

Emily is one of a kind. Seriously, she is the happiest, most down to earth, funnest, sweetest, most beautiful person! We loved working with her and Jacob in their engagement session and just loved how easy going and happy she is! During her bridal session it was FREEZING outside, but she didn’t even complain once and was just so happy and willing to do whatever we asked her to, haha! Her smile is amazing! We have probably told her a million times how much we love her smile, because it really is so contagious! You see her smile and you just HAVE to smile back!

We loved this session not just because of Emily, but because of the SUNSHINE! This was our first session in a long time that we actually had some sun to work with! We loved the glowy, creamy dreamy results from that oh so wonderful golden hour!

One of our favorite touches is the jewelry she was wearing! One of her friends (also one of her bridesmaids at her wedding) MADE her earrings and bracelet! Yes, you read that correctly, she MADE THEM!! We had to get as many details of those as we possibly could! We also loved the dress Emily chose, so elegant and we loved that she could pick up her dress and twirl around for us!

Emily, we sure love ya!! We loved spending time with you and your sweet mama before your wedding day!!

The Team:

HMU: Glo Limited

Dress: Lows Bridal

Jewelry: Kinsey Designs

Venue: The Barn at the Springs

Here are some of our faves from her session:

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