Aaron + Maggie Krudwig || Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographers || Cindy & Emily Photography

When we first met Maggie and Aaron, we were setting up a styled shoot and had a friend refer them to us! They showed up as happy as can be and so excited to work with us! After witnessing their “first look” that we set up for them, when Aaron shed tears of joy from seeing his bride to be, we knew these two were meant to be.

Fast forward to their gorgeous wedding in Harrison, AR. Maggie had chosen a field from her Grandpas farm, where she spent hours as a child adventuring. The field was beautiful; surrounded by thick, green pine trees. When we showed up to the property, there was a serene blanket of fog draped over the field. We felt like we were in a fairytale!

Maggie and Aarons families were such a joy to be around! When we first pulled in, we saw the bridesmaids walking around in bare feet, and the boys in overalls getting to work, putting everything together. You could tell this family was all about hard work! We were in just awe at how loving and supportive everyone was, and how they all had smiles on their faces, showing genuine excitement for these two!

Maggie’s dress was absolutely STUNNING. It was all lace and the best part was the belle sleeves that totally fit her personality! We were obsessed with the crystal crown she was wearing! We just loved everything about her look!! Aaron looked SHARP with his navy blue suit and leather boots! We were impressed!

Our favorite part was their ceremony. It was still foggy and sprinkling rain, but the peace and serenity that was there during those 15 minutes was unreal! We couldn’t help but cry because of the love and sweetness that were radiating from these two! Aarons father officiated their wedding and did a beautiful job. Every word he said had so much meaning and taught everyone about the importance of sticking together and writing our own stories in this life.

The brunch that followed the ceremony was amazing!! Maggie had made all of the food herself; mini quiches and cinnamon rolls! She even made their waffle cake!! The china used was so elegant, and all of the crystal glasses used were glasses that Aaron and his father had collected growing up! All of the details were so thoughtful and had a purpose. It truly was a special day and fit Aaron and Maggie so well! It represented who they are; playful and loving.

We loved every second of this wedding day!! Maggie and Aaron, we love you both so so much! Words can’t describe how much you mean to us! We wish you the absolute best in all that you do and can’t wait to watch you write your own story!!

Here are some of our favorites from their day!!

Krudwig Wedding-122.jpg
Emily Quigley