We are natural light photographers which means we LOVE that creamy, soft, even light that flatters your skin! We love chasing that golden hour glow and only shoot in the best hours of the day. Light is super important to us and we put in a lot of effort in finding the best locations that will give you the most beautiful results.

We also love capturing photos that are genuine and candid! Our sessions are a good mixture of posing and giving you opportunities to show your best selves and personalities! We’re all about that “giggle-kiss” and the natural moments that look like we are peering in on a perfect moment! Wedding days are our favorite because we get to witness and capture your day in the most genuine way.

Our photos are lighter. We are slightly obsessed with those natural colors and tones that are flattering for everyone! We LOVE pretty greenery, flowers, and natural scenery. We are super giggly and love to get a laugh out of people! We want our photos to reflect joy.

Last, we love gaining relationships with our clients. We consider every one of our couples and families our friends! Your wedding photographer is the one person that you spend the most time with on your big day and we love getting to know you before the wedding and keeping up with your life after!


We met in 2015 just before we both had our first babies! We connected by sharing and giving advice about the new stresses/joys of motherhood and we soon discovered that we were not far from one another throughout our entire lives! We realized we grew up only an hour away from each other! We went to college at the SAME time at the SAME school. We got married at the same place only a few weeks apart! And we didn’t meet until we both moved out here to Northwest Arkansas! Now we each have two kids the same age and are the best of friends!

Being business partners has only brought us closer! People often ask us what it’s like owning a business with your friend, assuming it would be difficult and easier to work alone. But working together has been so fulfilling and we make a great team! We each have our own unique skills that we bring to the table, and it has truly been a wonderful experience!



Hi, I’m Emily! I grew up in a smaller town called Farmington, Utah and lived there up until I moved to college in Rexburg, Idaho. I graduated there with a Bachelors in Rec Therapy with a minor in Child Development! I met my husband there and we dated for 9 months before we got engaged! We were married 3 months later in Salt Lake City.

Shortly after Kyle graduated, we moved to Northwest Arkansas for Walmart! I worked at Mercy Hospital up until I had my first baby, Madison! We now have two beautiful kids who are exactly 2 years and 1 day apart!

I have always had an interest and an eye for photography. I was always so intrigued by the wedding photographers at all of my friends and family members weddings and I loved watching my roommate in college edit her photos! Shortly after meeting Cindy, she introduced me to photography and we started a business together! Photography has become a huge passion for me and has brought me so much joy!

I love being outside and being active. I’m not a home-body at all, and I love traveling and exploring new places! I’m a huge foodie and love comfort food! Being a mom is my favorite and I love snuggling my kids and taking them on adventures!


Pretty Florals | Gardening | Diet Dr. Pepper | Chick Fil-a | Quiet Sundays | Gilmore Girls | Unplugged Weddings | A good belly laugh | Snuggling my babies | Good Music | Outdoor Weddings | Little Details




Hi, I’m Cindy! I grew up in Heber City, Utah and still love and miss that beautiful place every day! I am the youngest and only girl of 8 children! I grew up as a modern day Snow White among her seven dwarfs… ;) I went to college at BYU-Idaho and graduated with a Bachelors in Communications with an emphasis in Video Production and Visual Media. I met my husband, Dan, there and we got married in Utah 9 months after meeting.

After graduation, we moved to NW Arkansas for Dan to work at Walmart. Shortly after we moved, I got pregnant with our first and now we have two handsome boys! They are the light of our world and make our lives an amazing adventure!

Being behind a camera has always been my comfort zone. I’ve been making videos and taking pictures since I was really young! I love capturing moments, sharing those moments, and being able to always remember those moments! The art of photography gives me so much satisfaction and joy!

I love being happy! Going on adventures and creating memories with my little family is my favorite. I can’t wait for the day that I can take my family to everything Disney! I love to bake, eat yummy food, and sing in the kitchen.


Hallmark Channel | Gardening | Chocolate | Family movie nights | Celine Dion | Ice Cream | Late night cereal | Baking | Italian food | Outdoor family adventures | Dance parties | Snuggling my boys